Are you tired of living a restricted life due to your pain and discomfort?


Over the past few years, I (Nicholas Linn) have been digging deeper into courses searching for answers to this question. Taking Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) courses have made it clear, muscle weaknesses lead to pain and, in turn, decrease in quality of life. Our central goal is identifying muscular imbalances and the most optimal path to their elimination, so we can then focus on strengthening muscles and joint control, decreasing pain, increasing function and ability to move!

Owning your body and controlling your movement will give you freedom to do the activities and sports that you desire. Muscles are extremely important and influential to all major organs throughout your body. Improving your muscular function and eliminating weak links will increase the overall connection and awareness between body and brain. 


Interested in learning more about the RTS and MAT processes? Click on the logos below to visit their official websites!