achieve your health goals for 2019.

ISOPHIT is San Diego's secret weapon to getting stronger, leaner, & more mobile under 30 minutes. 

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What is Isophit?

ISOPHIT is an innovative, meticulously researched and carefully developed exercise system that quickly and ingeniously works more than 650 muscles. ISOPHIT harnesses the scientifically proven benefits of Isometric strength training in a way that’s never been done before.


Simply put, Isophit is the safest, most efficient and effective way to improve strength,
stability, and mobility and will help you look, feel, and function better.


Isophit amplifies the scientifically proven benefits of isometric exercise to accelerate fat loss, and enhance muscle tone faster and more effectively than with dynamic exercise and is a better way to get your clients looking their best for the beach, boardroom, and bedroom.


Isophit dramatically improves muscular strength and joint stability which has been shown to reduce muscle and joint pain. Its versatility makes Isophit equally accessible for people of any age or ability, and the increase in stability helps them move, lift, and play with more control and confidence.


Isophit accelerates recovery, reduces the risk of injuries, and optimizes physical performance. Regardless of your clients objectives, Isophit will enable them to enhance their quality of life, set new personal records, and gain the competitive advantage both on and off the field.


What are other's saying about us?

This has literally changed the way I look at working out FOREVER! Who knew that working out could be so fun and EASY at the same time? This is a game changer for sure.